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Pool Live Tour Hack Aim Assist tricks

Pool Live Tour Hack Aim Assist tricks
At this time as facebook is becoming more and more popular so as the games of the facebook ... "

Pool Live Tour " is one of them is one of the most popular game of all.. So many facebooker plays it but

they got it hard because many pro players beats them so badly .Today I am here

for you with such two interesting tool called "Pool Live Tour Aim Assist" ..

By This tool you can easily aim the pool balls to the hole .. So just download and open it while you are playing pool live tour..

How to aim :-- Press ctrl+left click for aim .. Hold shift for go transparent..Press on settings button for changing the colour of the aimer.. 

Here we have video tutorial

 You Can download this software from here

--> Pool live trick hack easy aim assist

Enjoy ur GaMe...................................

Download Youtube Video as mp3

Yes.We can save Youtube Video as mp3 now.....


1.Go to Youtube and Open your favorite video

2.Copy video URL in Address bar..

--> 3. then Open

4.Then Paste the Video URL and download as MP3

5.Thats it Enjoy....

How to Download Youtube Videos in mobile free

How to Download Youtube Videos in mobile free
Most of the time we just make time pass by watching videos in youtube

We can download it to PC in many ways like IDM Internet Downlopad Manager ,VUCLIP, ORBIT DOWNLOADER

--> But Mobile users didn't have such facility to do so..

Most of the sites recommend their own site to download youtube videos .But neighter of them will work for sure mostly...

So i have decided to find a Solution to this and got an excellent site which gave me a solution.

Here is the Solution:

Thats it Enjoy......


Setup Email Filters in Gmail to Avoid Spam

Spamming disturbs us all the time in daily life and creates Non-sense and irritation sometimes.

So Creating Email filters avoid such spam mails.

The benefit in creating a filter in Gmail is you can create filters that will cause certain email to go

straight to your spam folder, so that you don't need your waste your time or energy reading them.

Students can use filters to organize emails sent and received for different courses. And, filters can help

separate work and home related email. If you have email that regularly goes in your spam folder, but you

--> want it to go to your inbox without having to select "this is not spam" with every email, you can create a

filter that will cause certain email to go right to your inbox.

Enter your Gmail log in information

2.Now Login and go to Settings ..U can see as below

3. Now Click on Create filter an add a mail address which irritates or spams u.

4.After entering your desired filter information, click the "Next Ste…

How to Download photos in Facebooks album all at a time

How to Download photos in Facebooks album  all at a time

How can you download Facebook albums? Everyone’s on Facebook these days and many of our interactions with our friends are around sharing and commenting on photos.

 Uploading photos to Facebook is easy, but do you know how to download Facebook photo albums?
We researched around this topic and put together this list of free tools that allow you to download either yours or your friends’ pics from Facebook and save them on your computer for backup or offline sharing. Enjoy!

 What you do is just go to here

Fotobounce It is a photo organizer for Windows and Mac OS X that helps you view and 

download photo albums from Facebook. They also support face recognition (which is pretty cool 
as it saves you  time to tag your pics) and integration with both Facebook and Flickr. Download 
we can download here--> Fotobounce  free download


Flashing (unlocking) a Nokia Mobile using Pheonix

Flashing (unlocking) a Nokia Mobile using Pheonix: 
We all know about the Software problem of NokiaMobile especially S40 series (JAVA mobiles) which supports .jar and .jad extensions.
We solve the problem by giving it to Nokia Care or any Mobile Shop near your home.

but the thing is you also can do it with few careful steps


1:Nokia Mobile having any Software problem

2.USB Data Cable of respective Mobile


4.RM file of your Nokia Mobile

You can Download by clicking  --> Phoenix nokia flashing software.

Before Starting Procedure you have to download RM file of your Nokia Mobile.

In order to do that.

1.To check your mobile RM configuration of Nokia Mobile.Just type  *#0000# in your Nokia Mobile

2. You can see your Phone Configuration with RM -XXX code provided.

For Example Nokia 5800 : RM-356

3. Then we  have to download Rm file of your phone by searching in google or most of RM files

  can be downloaded fromhere.

4.if above links are not working .you can do…

Manual Setup of Access point (APN) in PC using any Modem

Manual Setup of Access point (APN) in PC using any Modem

In order to do this.One should have

1:Working Modem
2:Instlalled Drivers of Modem
3:Access Point 

--> Most of us confuse how to change access points in pc .Access points are like keys provided by Mobile Networks like Airtel,Aircel.Tata Docomo to use Internet in our PC's and mobiles.

Follow these Steps:

1:Right Click on My Computer and click on  Manage 

2. Click Modem and open will find your Modem names and right click on it and click on   properties

3.Then open advanced tab in top.and type as "  AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP"," your access point name"  " (without first and last inverted commas)  in  Extra Initialization commands.

Thats it.enjoy..........


Google Search Engine hack trick : intitle:"index of"

Google Search Engine hack trick : intitle:"index of"We all know that Google searches [Google Search Engine]  what patents need and gives results with in no time .But What these Patents don't know is they can download any software any time  with in no time at all .Google Search Engine is Completely capable of getting the numerous websites list based upon page rankof respective websitesGoogle is optimized keyword search engine ,every single user knows it.Google Search Engine provides complete credit to all its patents when it is properly utilized 

For Example we can use it download songs,movies,games and all other stuff.
Now what we can do is that we can get download links directly without searching more on the websites list.hence more time is saved and work is completed with in no time at all.
which will help us in content management also

Follow steps clearly to find Google Search engine trick 1.Just open Google Search Engine  and type "  intitle:"index of",&qu…