Google Search Engine hack trick : intitle:"index of"

Google Search Engine hack trick : intitle:"index of" 

We all know that Google searches [Google Search Engine what patents need and gives results with in no time .But What these Patents don't know is they can download any software any time  with in no time at all . 

Google Search Engine is Completely capable of getting the numerous websites list based upon page rank  of respective websites 

Google is optimized keyword search engine ,every single user knows it.

Google Search Engine provides complete credit to all its patents when it is properly utilized 

For Example we can use it download songs,movies,games and all other stuff.
google search trick hack  
Now what we can do is that we can get download links directly without searching more on the websites list.hence more time is saved and work is completed with in no time at all.
which will help us in content management also

Follow steps clearly to find Google Search engine trick
1.Just open Google Search Engine  and type "  intitle:"index of","your Google search engine query"   " without first and last inverted commas.
2.Like if we want to download PC software like Ccleaner (which is mostly useful software to clean useless  dump  in hard disk)
  Just type in your  keyboard as  intitle:"index of","Ccleaner.exe"

3. You will get results as usual from google search engine results .then open any link and download it directlyas illustrated below
4.Here the hint is you can download any file,but you have to provide the correct extension like {.exe ,jpeg,  .mp3  etc}at the end of file (File name: Ccleaner   Extension:.exe)

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