Pool Live Tour Hack Aim Assist tricks

Pool Live Tour Hack Aim Assist tricks
At this time as facebook is becoming more and more popular so as the games of the facebook ... "

Pool Live Tour " is one of them is one of the most popular game of all.. So many facebooker plays it but

they got it hard because many pro players beats them so badly .Today I am here

for you with such two interesting tool called "Pool Live Tour Aim Assist" ..

pool live trick hack

By This tool you can easily aim the pool balls to the hole .. So just download and open it while you are playing pool live tour..

How to aim :--
  • Press ctrl+left click for aim ..
  • Hold shift for go transparent..
  • Press on settings button for changing the colour of the aimer.. 

Here we have video tutorial


 You Can download this software from here

--> Pool live trick hack easy aim assist

Enjoy ur GaMe...................................


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