Setup Email Filters in Gmail to Avoid Spam

Spamming disturbs us all the time in daily life and creates Non-sense and irritation sometimes.

So Creating Email filters avoid such spam mails.

The benefit in creating a filter in Gmail is you can create filters that will cause certain email to go

straight to your spam folder, so that you don't need your waste your time or energy reading them.

Students can use filters to organize emails sent and received for different courses. And, filters can help

separate work and home related email. If you have email that regularly goes in your spam folder, but you

--> want it to go to your inbox without having to select "this is not spam" with every email, you can create a

filter that will cause certain email to go right to your inbox.

  1. Enter your Gmail log in information
gmail spam avoid trick

2.Now Login and go to Settings ..U can see as below

gmail filter creat avoid spam

3. Now Click on Create filter an add a mail address which irritates or spams u.

4.After entering your desired filter information, click the "Next Step" button.

5.Choose the appropriate boxes and save your new filter.




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