Download Opera Mini 176x220 for NOKIA SAMSUNG LG SONY ERICSSON

Download Opera Mini 176x220 for NOKIA SAMSUNG LG SONY ERICSSON

We all use Opera Mini as our mobile browser because it suites all requirements needed to our mobile because it gives user friendly interface to all its users.

Download Opera Mini 176x220 for NOKIA SAMSUNG LG SONY ERICSSON

It gives ultimate browsing experience in addition to download support.

It is released for different devices like java, symbian, android, windows mobile etc in different versions to accommodate our need to our device

More over it is released for different displays of our mobile version.
176x208 display resolution is the most used basic mobile in the first versions of java

 List of all mobile which support 176x220 resolution


Nokia 2705 Shade, Nokia 6205, Nokia 6305, Nokia 6315


LG A130  ,LG A258  ,LG A290  ,LG C105  ,LG CU500  ,LG G8000  ,LG GB210  ,LG GB230  ,LG GB250  ,LG GB280  ,LG GD350  ,LG GM200  ,LG GM205  ,LG GU230  ,LG GU280  ,LG GX300  ,LG K8000  ,LG KE260  ,LG KE500  ,LG KE590  ,LG KE770 Shine  ,LG KE820  ,LG KF240  ,LG KF245  ,LG KF310  ,LG KG320 ,LG KG338  ,LG KG800  ,LG KG810  ,LG KG99  ,LG KP270  ,LG KP275  ,LG KU250  ,LG KU380  ,LG LP3550  ,LG M4410  ,LG MM535  ,LG P7200  ,LG S310  ,LG SV590  ,LG T5100  ,LG TU550  ,LG U300  ,LG U310  ,LG U8130  ,LG U8138  ,LG U8330  ,LG U8360  ,LG U8500  ,LG U880  ,LG VX8000  ,LG VX8100

 Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson D750i ,Sony Ericsson F305 ,Sony Ericsson K530i ,Sony Ericsson K550i ,Sony Ericsson K550im ,Sony Ericsson K600i ,Sony Ericsson K608i ,Sony Ericsson K610i ,Sony Ericsson K610im ,Sony Ericsson K618i ,Sony Ericsson K630i ,Sony Ericsson K700i ,Sony Ericsson K750i ,Sony Ericsson S302 ,Sony Ericsson S312 ,Sony Ericsson S600i ,Sony Ericsson V600i ,Sony Ericsson V630i ,Sony Ericsson V800 ,Sony Ericsson V802SE ,Sony Ericsson W302 ,Sony Ericsson W350i ,Sony Ericsson W380i ,Sony Ericsson W395 ,Sony Ericsson W550i ,Sony Ericsson W600i ,Sony Ericsson W610i ,Sony Ericsson W660i ,Sony Ericsson W700i ,Sony Ericsson W710i ,Sony Ericsson W800i ,Sony Ericsson W810i ,Sony Ericsson Z1010 ,Sony Ericsson Z550i ,Sony Ericsson Z555i ,Sony Ericsson Z610i ,Sony Ericsson Z710i ,Sony Ericsson Z800i


Samsung A727 ,Samsung A790 ,Samsung a890 ,Samsung A920 ,Samsung A970 ,Samsung D300 ,Samsung D307 ,Samsung D410 ,Samsung D415 ,Samsung D500 ,Samsung D500E      Samsung D510 ,Samsung D520 ,Samsung D720 ,Samsung D730 ,Samsung E170 ,Samsung E200 ,Samsung E380 ,Samsung E390 ,Samsung E490 ,Samsung E500 Versus ,Samsung E500C Versus ,Samsung E530 ,Samsung E570 ,Samsung E610 ,Samsung E620 ,Samsung E720 ,Samsung E730 ,Samsung E740 ,Samsung E750 ,Samsung E760 ,Samsung E770 ,Samsung E780 ,Samsung E790 ,Samsung E830 ,Samsung E870 ,Samsung E880 ,Samsung Essense ,Samsung GT-B2100 ,Samsung GT-B2700 ,Samsung GT-C3110 ,Samsung GT-C5130 ,Samsung GT-C5212 ,Samsung GT-S3030 ,Samsung GT-S3600 ,Samsung J150 ,Samsung J200 ,Samsung J210 ,Samsung J400 ,Samsung J610 ,Samsung J750 ,Samsung J770 ,Samsung J800 ,Samsung Javelin ,Samsung L170 ,Samsung L310 ,Samsung L320 ,Samsung L600 ,Samsung L700 ,Samsung L760 ,Samsung M2510 ,Samsung M2520 Beat Techno ,Samsung M500      Samsung P110 ,Samsung P200 ,Samsung P207 ,Samsung P300      Samsung P700      Samsung P730 ,Samsung S2700 ,Samsung S3100 ,Samsung S3110 ,Samsung S342i ,Samsung S350 ,Samsung S400i ,Samsung S410i ,Samsung S501i ,Samsung S730i ,Samsung S9110 ,Samsung SCH-R610 ,Samsung SGH-A737 ,Samsung SGH-D618 ,Samsung SGH-D807 ,Samsung SGH-E200 Eco ,Samsung SGH-T619 ,Samsung SGH-T639 ,Samsung SGH-T739 Katalyst ,Samsung SGH-T819 ,Samsung SGH-Z240 ,Samsung SPH-M520 ,Samsung SPH-M540 Rant      Samsung T459 Gravity ,Samsung V410 ,Samsung V420 ,Samsung V450 ,Samsung V540 ,Samsung X700 ,Samsung X850 ,Samsung Z130 ,Samsung Z140 ,Samsung Z150 ,Samsung Z170 ,Samsung Z230 ,Samsung Z300 ,Samsung Z360 ,Samsung Z370 ,Samsung Z500 ,Samsung ZV40 ,Samsung ZV60  

                                 Download Opera mini for 128x128  JAD VERSION
                                   Download Opera mini for 128x128 JAR VERSION


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