Download UC Browser UCWEB all Handler Versions for free GPRS Proxy

Download UC Browser UCWEB all Handler Versions for free GPRS Proxy

 UC Browser all Historical Versions Java JAR

We all know that UC browser is the most used mobile browser in its kind.It performs all necessary actions required to any need by mobile browser user.

UC browser kinds best experience in browsing,Download when compared to all of its other kinds.

UC browser saves time and money for all of us.It saves internet data to almost 90%

Especially its inbuilt Download manager makes us mad all the time.It downloads the data at an unbelievable speeds we ever imagine that can happen in our mobile.

It makes browsing so easier that ever.

It makes us feel like using 3g internet pack in 2g pack

                                  Download Handler Versions of UC Browser here

UC Browser 8.8 ( 1 ) Handler HUI209.jar
(508.20 KB)
UC Browser 8.6 Alpha HUI208.jar
             (498.15 KB)

UC Browser 8.2 Symbian Handler For S^3 Anna Belle.sis
                              (1.73 MB)

UC Browser 8.2 Symbian Handler For S60v5.sis
                       (1.72 MB)

UC Browser 8.2 Symbian Handler for S60v3.sis
                       (1.48 MB)


UC Browser 8.5 HUI204.jar
       (451.02 KB)

UC Browser 8.4(159) HUI204 Fix.jar
             (503.59 KB)

UC Browser 8.31 Cloud T2 HUI204.jar
              (424.06 KB)

UCBrowser 8.3 Cloud HUI204.jar
             (416.53 KB)

UCBrowser 7.2 Android Handler.apk
                (347.37 KB)

          UCBrowser 8.2(144) HUI202.jar
         (494.34 KB)

UCBrowser 8.2 HUI202.jar
        (495.62 KB)

UCBrowser 8.0 HUI150.jar
        (492.01 KB)

UCBrowser 7.9 HUI202R1.jar
        (505.62 KB)

UCBrowser 7.8 full HUI150.jar
           (472.07 KB)

UCBrowser 7.7 HUI200 b5.jar
          (481.94 KB)

UCBrowser 7.6 HUI200b4
               (472.79 KB)

UCBrowser 7.5.1 HUI200
            (449.76 KB)

UCBrowser 7.4 HUI200b1.jar
         (490.70 KB)

UCBrowser 7.2 HUI150.jar
       (376.04 KB)

UCBrowser 7.1 HUI132.jar
      (368.13 KB)

UCBrowser 7.0 HUI142.jar
    (341.89 KB)

UCBrowser 6.3 HUI141R1.jar
        (258.52 KB)

UCBrowser 5.1 HUI132.jar
       (211.02 KB)

UCBrowser 7.O.O.41 Indian HUI.jar
(335.36 KB)

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  1. this all for Nokia only or can use by samsung galaxy too ??

  2. Is it possble to use ths browsers on laptops.?

  3. please give me link for windows phone 8 .

  4. UC Browser free download for Android UC Browser for Android and UC Browser HD for Android are also available and provides even better internet surfing experiences.

  5. Download UC Browser APK is the latest version of Apptogame. I think you should install


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