Download Opera Mini 7.1 for JAVA

Download Opera Mini 7.1 for JAVA

We all use Opera Mini as our mobile browser because it suites all requirements needed to our mobile because it gives user friendly interface to all its users.


Download Opera Mini 240x320 for NOKIA SAMSUNG LG SONY ERICSSON

It gives ultimate browsing experience in addition to download support.

It is released for different devices like java, symbian, android, windows mobile etc in different versions to accommodate our need to our device

More over it is released for different displays of our mobile version.
240x320  display resolution is the most used basic mobile in the first versions of java

 List of all mobile which support 240x320 

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Aspen , Sony Ericsson C510 , Sony Ericsson C702 , Sony Ericsson C901 , Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart , Sony Ericsson C902 , Sony Ericsson C903 , Sony Ericsson C905 , Sony Ericsson Elm , Sony Ericsson G502 , Sony Ericsson G700 , Sony Ericsson G705 , Sony Ericsson G900 , Sony Ericsson Hazel (J20i) , Sony Ericsson J108i Cedar , Sony Ericsson Jalou (F100i) , Sony Ericsson Jalou by Dolce & Gabbana , Sony Ericsson K660i , Sony Ericsson K770i , Sony Ericsson K790i , Sony Ericsson K800i , Sony Ericsson K810i , Sony Ericsson K850i , Sony Ericsson M600i , Sony Ericsson Naite (J105i) , Sony Ericsson P1i , Sony Ericsson P990i , Sony Ericsson S500i , Sony Ericsson S700i , Sony Ericsson S710a , Sony Ericsson T650i , Sony Ericsson T700 , Sony Ericsson T707 , Sony Ericsson T715 , Sony Ericsson TM506 , Sony Ericsson TM717 (TM707) , Sony Ericsson W100i Spiro , Sony Ericsson W150i Yendo , Sony Ericsson W508 , Sony Ericsson W580i , Sony Ericsson W580im , Sony Ericsson W595 , Sony Ericsson W705 , Sony Ericsson W715 , Sony Ericsson W760i , Sony Ericsson W830i , Sony Ericsson W850i , Sony Ericsson W880i , Sony Ericsson W888i , Sony Ericsson W890i , Sony Ericsson W900i , Sony Ericsson W902 , Sony Ericsson W902 plus , Sony Ericsson W910i , Sony Ericsson W950i , Sony Ericsson W960i , Sony Ericsson W980i , Sony Ericsson W995 , Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness , Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini , Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro , Sony Ericsson Yari (U100i) , Sony Ericsson Z750i , Sony Ericsson Z770i , Sony Ericsson Z780 , Sony Ericsson Zylo (W20i) 
Nokia 206  ,Nokia 2700 Classic  ,Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition  ,Nokia 2730 Classic  ,Nokia 3120 Classic  ,Nokia 3600 Slide  ,Nokia 3610 Fold  ,Nokia 3710 Fold  ,Nokia 3720 Classic  ,Nokia 3806  ,Nokia 5000  ,Nokia 5130 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5220 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5300 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5310 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5320 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition  ,Nokia 5330 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5610 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5630 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5700 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 5730 XpressMusic  ,Nokia 6110 Navigator  ,Nokia 6120 Classic  ,Nokia 6121 Classic  ,Nokia 6124 Classic  ,Nokia 6131 (6133)  ,Nokia 6208 Classic  ,Nokia 6210 Navigator  ,Nokia 6212 Classic  ,Nokia 6216 Classic  ,Nokia 6220 Classic  ,Nokia 6233  ,Nokia 6234  ,Nokia 6263  ,Nokia 6265  ,Nokia 6267  ,Nokia 6270  ,Nokia 6275  ,Nokia 6282  ,Nokia 6288  ,Nokia 6290  ,Nokia 6300  ,Nokia 6300i  ,Nokia 6301  ,Nokia 6303 Classic  ,Nokia 6303i Classic  ,Nokia 6500 Classic  ,Nokia 6500 Slide  ,Nokia 6555  ,Nokia 6600 Fold  ,Nokia 6600 Slide  ,Nokia 6600i Slide  ,Nokia 6650 fold  ,Nokia 6700 Classic  ,Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition  ,Nokia 6700 Slide  ,Nokia 6710 Navigator  ,Nokia 6720 Classic  ,Nokia 6730 Classic  ,Nokia 6760 Slide  ,Nokia 6790 Surge  ,Nokia 7020  ,Nokia 7100 Supernova  ,Nokia 7210 Supernova  ,Nokia 7230  ,Nokia 7310 Supernova  ,Nokia 7370  ,Nokia 7373  ,Nokia 7373 Special Edition  ,Nokia 7390  ,Nokia 7500 Prism  ,Nokia 7510 Supernova  ,Nokia 7610 Supernova  ,Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism  ,Nokia 8208  ,Nokia 8600 Luna  ,Nokia 8800 Arte  ,Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte  ,Nokia 8800 Gold Arte  ,Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte  ,Nokia Asha 202  ,Nokia Asha 203  ,Nokia Asha 300  ,Nokia Asha 303  ,Nokia C2 01  ,Nokia C2 02  ,Nokia C2 03  ,Nokia C2 05  ,Nokia C2 06  ,Nokia C3 01 Gold Edition  ,Nokia C3 01 Touch and Type  ,Nokia C5  ,Nokia C5 5MP  ,Nokia E50 (with camera)  ,Nokia E50 (without camera)  ,Nokia E51  ,Nokia E51 (without camera)  ,Nokia E52  ,Nokia E55  ,Nokia E65  ,Nokia E66  ,Nokia E75  ,Nokia N71  ,Nokia N73  ,Nokia N73 Music Edition  ,Nokia N75  ,Nokia N76  ,Nokia N77  ,Nokia N78  ,Nokia N79  ,Nokia N79 Active  ,Nokia N79 Eco  ,Nokia N81  ,Nokia N81 8Gb  ,Nokia N82  ,Nokia N85  ,Nokia N86 8MP  ,Nokia N93  ,Nokia N93i  ,Nokia N95  ,Nokia N95 8Gb  ,Nokia N96 ,Nokia X2  ,Nokia X2 02  ,Nokia X2 05  ,Nokia X3  ,Nokia X3 02 Touch and Type  ,Nokia X5
Samsung A303  ,Samsung A503  ,Samsung A800 (CDMA)  ,Samsung A900  ,Samsung B200 (3G)  ,Samsung B250  ,Samsung B3410  ,Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO  ,Samsung B5722  ,Samsung B7320 Omnia PRO  ,Samsung C3060R  ,Samsung C3300 Hello Kitty  ,Samsung C3312 Duos  ,Samsung C3322 Duos  ,Samsung C3322 La Fleur  ,Samsung C3330 Champ 2  ,Samsung C3332  ,Samsung C3350 Xcover 2  ,Samsung C3510  ,Samsung C3520  ,Samsung C3560  ,Samsung C3752 Metro Duos  ,Samsung C3782 Evan  ,Samsung C5510  ,Samsung C6112  ,Samsung Champ E2652W  ,Samsung Champ Neo Duos C3262  ,Samsung D600  ,Samsung D608  ,Samsung D780 DuoS  ,Samsung D780 Duos Olympic  ,Samsung D800  ,Samsung D808  ,Samsung D820  ,Samsung D830  ,Samsung D840  ,Samsung D840C  ,Samsung D880 DuoS  ,Samsung D900  ,Samsung D900B  ,Samsung D900i  ,Samsung E2600  ,Samsung E2652 Champ  ,Samsung E840  ,Samsung E900  ,Samsung E900M  ,Samsung E910  ,Samsung E950  ,Samsung Ego GT-S9402  ,Samsung F110  ,Samsung F300  ,Samsung F330  ,Samsung F400  ,Samsung F480  ,Samsung F500  ,Samsung F510  ,Samsung G400  ,Samsung G600  ,Samsung G800  ,Samsung G810  ,Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330  ,Samsung Galaxy Music Duos  ,Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302  ,Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus S5301  ,Samsung GT-B2710 Xcover 271  ,Samsung GT-B5702  ,Samsung GT-C3200 Monte Bar  ,Samsung GT-C3530  ,Samsung GT-C6620  ,Samsung GT-I5500 / Galaxy 550 / Galaxy 5  ,Samsung GT-i7110  ,Samsung GT-M5650 Lindy  ,Samsung GT-S3310  ,Samsung GT-S3370 Corby 3G  ,Samsung GT-S3500  ,Samsung GT-S3550 Shark 3  ,Samsung GT-S5050  ,Samsung GT-S5200  ,Samsung GT-S5600  ,Samsung GT-S5600v Blade  ,Samsung GT-S7220  ,Samsung i200  ,Samsung i250  ,Samsung i300  ,Samsung i300x  ,Samsung i310  ,Samsung i320  ,Samsung i400  ,Samsung i450  ,Samsung i520  ,Samsung i550  ,Samsung i560  ,Samsung I700  ,Samsung i710  ,Samsung i718  ,Samsung i740  ,Samsung i750  ,Samsung i760  ,Samsung i819  ,Samsung i830  ,Samsung L770  ,Samsung L810  ,Samsung L811  ,Samsung L870  ,Samsung M3200  ,Samsung M3310  ,Samsung M3510 BEATZ  ,Samsung M3710 Corby Beat  ,Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani Night Effect  ,Samsung P310  ,Samsung P520  ,Samsung P520 Giorgio Armani  ,Samsung P920  ,Samsung P930  ,Samsung P940  ,Samsung P960  ,Samsung S250  ,Samsung S3650 Corby  ,Samsung S3653  ,Samsung S3770  ,Samsung S3850 Corby II  ,Samsung S5150 Diva folder  ,Samsung S5220 Star 3  ,Samsung S5222 Star 3 Duos  ,Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket  ,Samsung S5350 Shark  ,Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y  ,Samsung S5510  ,Samsung S5550 Shark 2  ,Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini  ,Samsung S5610  ,Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit  ,Samsung S6102 Galaxy Y Duos  ,Samsung S6700  ,Samsung S7070 Diva  ,Samsung SCH-U650 Sway  ,Samsung SGH-D980  ,Samsung SGH-F480  ,Samsung SGH-F480 Hugo Boss  ,Samsung SGH-F480 Games Edition  ,Samsung SGH-F480 La Fleur  ,Samsung SGH-i607 BlackJack  ,Samsung SGH-i728  ,Samsung SGH-P910  ,Samsung SGH-S7330 Soul  ,Samsung SGH-T469 Gravity 2  ,Samsung SGH-T919 Behold  ,Samsung SGH-U708  ,Samsung T809  ,Samsung Thor  ,Samsung U300  ,Samsung U600  ,Samsung U700  ,Samsung U800  ,Samsung U900  ,Samsung V720  ,Samsung V740  ,Samsung V7400  ,Samsung V7800  ,Samsung V7900  ,Samsung W569  ,Samsung Z350  ,Samsung Z400  ,Samsung Z510  ,Samsung Z540  ,Samsung Z550  ,Samsung Z560  ,Samsung Z620  ,Samsung Z630  ,Samsung Z700  ,Samsung Z710  ,Samsung Z720
LG BL20 New Chocolate  ,LG BL20E  ,LG C199  ,LG CU720  ,LG G832  ,LG GD330  ,LG GM310  ,LG GW300  ,LG HB620T ,LG KC550  ,LG KC560  ,LG KC780  ,LG KE600  ,LG KE800  ,LG KE970 Shine  ,LG KF300  ,LG KF305  ,LG KF350  ,LG KF510  ,LG KF600  ,LG KF750  ,LG KF755  ,LG KG300  ,LG KG920  ,LG KM330  ,LG KM380  ,LG KM500  ,LG KM710 ,LG KP320 ,LG KS10  ,LG KS20  ,LG KS360  ,LG KS365  ,LG KT520  ,LG KU800  ,LG KU950  ,LG KU970 Shine  ,LG KV6000  ,LG Optimus L3 E400  ,LG Optimus L3 E405  ,LG Optimus Me P350  ,LG Optimus Pro C660  ,LG P520  ,LG S367  ,LG T300  ,LG T310  ,LG T310i Cookie  ,LG T315i  ,LG T320  ,LG T370  ,LG T375 Cookie Smart  ,LG T500 Dacota  ,LG T510  ,LG T515  ,LG U830  ,LG U900  ,LG U960  ,LG VX8500  ,LG VX8700 ,LG VX8800 Venus

                                     Download Opera mini 7.1 JAD VERSION

                                   Download Opera mini for 7.1 JAR VERSION



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