Download Opera Mini 3 Basic free

Download Opera Mini 3 Basic free

We all use Opera Mini as our mobile browser because it suites all requirements needed to our mobile because it gives user friendly interface to all its users.
It gives ultimate browsing experience in addition to download support.
It is released for different devices like java, symbian, android, windows mobile etc in different versions to accommodate our need to our device

Download Opera Mini 128x128 for NOKIA SAMSUNG LG SONY ERICSSON

More over it is released for different displays of our mobile version.
128x128 display resolution is the most used basic mobile in the first versions of java

List of all Supported devices which supports Exact 128x128

Samsung A300, Samsung A460, Samsung A500, Samsung A800, Samsung B100, Samsung B110, Samsung B130, Samsung B200, Samsung B220, Samsung B300, Samsung C100, Samsung C110, Samsung C120, Samsung C130, Samsung C160, Samsung C170, Samsung C200, Samsung C200N, Samsung C210, Samsung C230, Samsung C250, Samsung C450, Samsung E1050, Samsung E1107, Samsung E1150, Samsung E1170, Samsung E1182, Samsung E1195, Samsung E120, Samsung E1200, Samsung E1202, Samsung E2120, Samsung E600, Samsung GT-E1070, Samsung GT-E1080, Samsung GT-E1081T, Samsung GT-E1100, Samsung GT-E1110, Samsung GT-E1117, Samsung GT-E1120, Samsung GT-E1125, Samsung GT-E1175T, Samsung GT-E1410, Samsung GT-E2121B, Samsung GT-E2210, Samsung M110, Samsung N300, Samsung N400, Samsung Q100, Samsung Q200, Samsung SGH-C270, Samsung SGH-M130, Samsung T500, Samsung T700, Samsung X100, Samsung X120, Samsung X130, Samsung X140, Samsung X150, Samsung X350, Samsung X600, Samsung X610, Samsung X969

LG 500, LG 510, LG A100, LG A175, LG B2000, LG B2050, LG B2070, LG B2100, LG B2150, LG C1100, LG C1150, LG C2500, LG CE110, LG G1600, LG G1610, LG G1800, LG G5220, LG G5310, LG GB109, LG GB110, LG GB125, LG GB160, LG GB170, LG GB190, LG GS101, LG GS106 LG GS107, LG GS155, LG KG110, LG KG118, LG KG120, LG KG130, LG KG190, LG KG210, LG KG220, LG KG225, LG KG270, LG KG276, LG KG288, LG KG370, LG KP105, LG KP108, LG KP110, LG KP130  LG KP200, LG LHD-200, LG MG230, LG S1000 LG VX3300, LG W5200 LG W5210 LG W5300
Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson J132, Sony Ericsson J200, Sony Ericsson J210i, Sony Ericsson J220i, Sony Ericsson J230i, Sony Ericsson J300i, Sony Ericsson K200i, Sony Ericsson K205i, Sony Ericsson K220i, Sony Ericsson K300i, Sony Ericsson T608, Sony Ericsson Z200 Sony Ericsson Z300i

Nokia 1508, Nokia 2255, Nokia 2355, Nokia 2600, Nokia 2610, Nokia 2626, Nokia 2650, Nokia 2652, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3105, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3125, Nokia 3200, Nokia 3220, Nokia 3300, Nokia 5100, Nokia 5140, Nokia 5140i, Nokia 6020, Nokia 6021 Nokia 6030, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6108, Nokia 6200, Nokia 6215, Nokia 6220, Nokia 6225, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6235, Nokia 6585, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6610i, Nokia 6800, Nokia 6810, Nokia 6820, Nokia 7200, Nokia 7210, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7250i Nokia 7260

                                 Download Opera mini for 128x128  JAD VERSION
                                   Download Opera mini for 128x128 JAR VERSION


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