Preview CSS and HTML Pages Online

Preview  CSS and HTML Pages Online

Many of us use blogging services to interact with the internet .In order to do that we use blogspot and wordpress  for blogging.

Widgets plays a major role in interacting  with blog viewers.
So previewing the HTML JAVA SCRIPT  code  which we use in blogger  instantly  saves us lot of time and work also

Previewing CSS allows you to incorporate HTML and CSS both in an online editor.

The main advantage of using this is to eliminate the extra time we use to test each and every code  in  custom HTMLJAVA SCRIPT in blogger and verify that it is working or not.Previewing this in online
 makes us comfortable

Many sites provide this awesome feature.But i will recommend my subsribers and viewers to use this website

CSS Desk is an extraordinary website.

All we have to do is

1. In the site  top box, paste all and edit your custom HTML.
 Copy all code between  <body> to </body>, post all what is in between and include the two tags.

2. In the site bottom box, paste and edit all of your custom CSS .Copy all code between  <style> to </style>, post all what is in between and include the two tags.

3. this site automatically  previews your custom  HTML/CSS code.

Additional Benefits:

 1:Download the  code we edited
2:change the background colour we want
3:Optimised user interface

Use to preview your custom HTML CSS JAVA SCRIPT CODE online instantly

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