Earn Money by Playing Games Online with Fun

Earn Money by Playing Games Online with Fun

We all love only one thing in common from childhood:gaming right???
 Most of us can't even live without playing mario or ms contra in childhood.
 Days have changed a lot.So is gaming,Now its all about gaming in online......Huhoo multiplayer games
 We can also make money by playing games from online websites.....
 This little hobbie of gaming makes us earn little money by having fun

play online games and earn money

The following websites will pay every user  to play games:

It  is actually not a game, it is a real world interpretation of living.
 What you own in this game belongs to you - we can rent or sell, a shop or a house like farmville in facebook. 
We can also earn by taking a job as - an artist, salesman, singer, musician, programmer etc like in the real world
We are paid in Linden dollars which is the in-game currency. 
In our world 250 Linden Dollars = 1 USD
We can convert it into our dollars anytime we want

2. BingoZone

It is a completely free to play site which allows every users to earn efficiently every time they play.
Every Minute we can win a game .. Prizes can anything starting from 1USD to their limit.
 There are daily and weekly sweepstakes also
We can win 25USD,50USD,100USD daily However, 
Limitation:Asians are not allowed.Only  US, Canada and UK citizens are eligible .

3. Exodus3000

It is a  multi-player RPG strategy game
 It takes a ride 1000 years into the future with all the graphical elements
In this game our planet earth is inhabitable due to many catastrophic alien events.
We can earn mars dollars by attacking other players,
 We can earn also searching for ruins and by exploring the planet etc. 

Conversion is 300,000 Mars Dollars = 20 USD.

4. Pogo

This  website is owned by Electronic Arts ,we all know of ots potential in gaming world,FIFA,Cricket Need For Speed etc
. We can earn jusy playing games here .their page has lot of advertisements along with games.They have a huge collection of multimedia games - from card & board to puzzle, words and sports games.

Limitation:Asians are not allowed.Only  US, Canada and UK citizens are eligible .

--> 5:Khelplayrummy

 It is a online poker game by which we can earn money via paypal or cheques.In this gamewe can win upto Rs 10000.
We get Get 20% cash bonus on Regular purchases 
 we can alos refer a friend to claim your Bonus ,and earn from that also.It conducts rummy tournaments to match your skillsin poker against the opppnent and get our rewards


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