Convert an URL to PDF Online free

Convert  an URL to PDF Online free:

Today i am going to show you a small technique by which we can convert any url of any website  to PDF ..

URL  full form is "Uniform or Universal  Resource Locator"

Syntax of URL will be  "scheme://domain:port/path?query_string#fragment_id "

 PDF is the extension of  file of acrobat reader which allows us to read documents or e-books

URL  to PDF:

Convertion of URL  to PDF is quite useful when we want to have a website useful to us in future...Converting them to PDF gives a

1. better viewing purpose...

2. Reduced size of files.

3. Reduction in Complexity

4. It resizes all JPEGS to same resolution

5: Better mobility

6: Offline Usage

-->  Steps to convert URL to PDF :

1:First Open

2: The paste url we want in it

3:Click Ok

4:Download url as pdf

5:Thats it....

convert any website url to pdf online
convert an url to pdf online

--> check out this link to view how to convert jpeg to pdf offline for free

Thank you....


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