Change Profile name in Google Plus

Change Profile name in Google Plus :

Friends many of us tried to change the name in profile of Google plus.bust most of us returned from webpage without changing it..
Most of us tried to change it number of times in my opinion.but almost 95% of users are disappointed that they cannot change their profile name in Google plus when ever that wanted.
We can say that Google plus disappointed in almost all of their features when compared to Facebook and twitter.
All the options in Google plus are not user friendly as we thought before launching it ,especially in changing name of user profile .
Changing profile name in Google plus is not complicated but not too easy..because it is not that  much user friendly when compared to Facebook , twitter and other social networking sites.

now today i am going to show you people how to change the profile name in Google plus..

Steps to change profile name in Google plus:

1: First go to google plus  website to launch it

2: Then login to your account by providing username and password to login field.

3: After we logged into our google plus account,just click on to your respective profile page located above to the main homepage of google plus.
google plus change name

 4:After returning to profile edit profile in top right side,just as i did here

google plus edit profile change name

5:Then  click on your respective profile name to change the name of profile .see below picture to understand

google plus change name edit profile

6: Then a screen appears like this....this page makes the users to  enable to change our name..see this picture below
google plus change name

7: After changing it to required name what ever we want ..just click save to change the profile name of google plus account..

--> Thats it......

click this link to see google search tricks


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