Windows 8 RTM Offline Activator

Windows 8 RTM Offline Activator

We all know that windows 8 is latest edition of microsoft operating system.

Windows 8 dominates all features of its previous version Windows 7 .

It is released to overcome all difficulties in previous versions.Especially there are several bugs in previous versions like Windows Vista ,Windows Xp service Pack 3.

Only Windows 7 Ultimate is best when compared to other versions like Windows 7  Classic,Windows & Home basic

Research concluded that Windows 7 is not upto the mark in its diagnosis.So they have come up with an operating system to make problem free operating system.

--> Windows 8 is best at its Performance

Especially it takes only 3 to 4 mins to install Operating System in our PC

Now everyone wants to see their PC  loaded with Windows 8

So Microsoft released a preview version in internet so that we all can go through it..

we can find  Windows 8  Build 9200 RTM version in internet and torrentz

The main problem is Microsoft have given limited features to the users

We all can see the logo of windows 8  at the bottom right of our desktop

Inorder to gain full control of its features 

we must use crack to activate it to use its full  functionality

So i am providing Windows 8 crack free 

Steps to crack:

1.Double click on file


2:Click Windows 8 Install\Uninstall as shown here 


3:A screen appears like below .Just type Y as shown 

4: Thats it ....It activates windows 8.. 

click here to  download windows 8 rtm offline activator free

Thanks ...........


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