Install Dotnet 3.5 in Windows 8 Offline

Install Dotnet3.5 in Windows 8 Offline

Hi friends.Today i am going to solve a problem in windows 8 which are facing in the name of dotnet installation.

The fact is windows 8 comes with preloaded  dotnet 4.5 ..It also includes dotnet 4.0 also.

Our problem arises when we use an app which requires dotnet 3.5 or dotnet 2.0

it shows a window like this...

but the problem is when we click :INSTALL THIS FEATURE" is connects to internet and downloads the required files.
But pc's having low inter connection or no connection will have no choice to install this feature..


1: Go to control panel ..

2: Go to programs

3: Go to programs and features

4. Open turn windows features on or off

5.Tick .Net Framework 3.5 option

6.Then it wll connect to internet and downloads required files..

7;If no internet connection is available  then insert windows 8 dvd  into ur CD-ROM or mount windows 8

8 ;Run cmd as administrator ( u can search for command prompt in C drive ,Normally it is located in

9: Then type  dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /all /source:e:\sources\sxs

10 :In the above step letter E is drive where windows 8 dvd is inserted. or the drive name where ur windows   8 image is mounted.

11.U can change letter depending on ur configuration..if u inserted ur dosk in F drive.then change it to F.


12.Restart .and enjoy all dotnet features ..

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