Find Invisible users in Gtalk gmail

Find Invisible users in Gtalk  Or Gmail

Steps to follow whether a user in invisible in gtalk or gmail

1. first we have to Set the chat as off the record with target user
click here

2:This trick will work  only when the other user is online.

3. then we have to send a message to target user whether he is invisible or offline in gmail or gtalk

4. If target user  is invisible, then they will recieve the message we have sent to them.

5. but when the target user os offline.we will get an error as  “<username> did not receive your chat”.

gmail gtalk off the record

gmail gtalk invisible user find

This happens because if these reasons

   a: When a gmail or gtalk user is set off the record, messages will not be  stored in your Gmail account.

   b: When you send a chat message to offline or invisible gmail or gtalk target user, message gets delivered
       by default at other end if user is online, by displaying  your message as popup message. But if he is   
       offline, your chat message will go to inbox as a mail.

if you have any doubts regarding.check out this link..they explained everything here


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