Delete a sent message in conversation of Facebook

Delete a sent message in conversation of Facebook :

we have a special feature in feature which helps us in bad times especially when we send a wrong message to wrong person and we want to delete that sent message in facebook before they see them when they come online .

 We can delete that message any time at an instant itself..

Here is the procedure to delete a sent message in conversation of facebook..

->Most of us think that we can delete only a conversation in facebook,but we have an option to delete only sent message of yours or any message that was sent by them..


1: Go to messages tab in top left side of facebook 

2:Then click on person profile name to see your conversation with them

3:  Then click actions in top and select delete  message in it as i did here

facebook delete messages

4::Then select required messages and tick them to delete them .

facebook delete messages in conversation

--> 5:Thats it ...enjoy facebook with those deleted messages....

see here tor more facebook tricks

Enjoy .........


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