Convert JPEG to PDF

Convert JPEG to PDF:

Today i am going to show u small technique by which we can convert JPEG files to PDF ..JPEG is the extension of pictures we use in our mobile or pc..normally pictures have the extension of  .jpg or .bmp or .png

JPEG is the normally used extension of pictures because it have more pixels when compared to  .png or .bmp

Even though BMP and PNG pics also have same clarity which JPEG have ,the point is JPEG maintains less picture size when compared to all other formats.

PDF is the extension of  file of acrobat reader which allows us to read documents or e-books


Convertion of JPEG to PDF is quite useful when we have all quite a few pics with large dump of size...Converting them to PDF gives a

1.better viewing purpose...

2.Reduced size of files.

3.Reduction in Complexity

4. It resizes all JPEGS to same resolution

 Steps to convert JPEG to PDF :

1.JPEG to PDF v3.7 is a software written by Jessie Yeager .Here we uses this to convert JPEG to PDF

Open the software by double clicking it..

2>Drag the JPEG file into it as shown

3..Save PDF to required path by clicking the button as shown below.By default it will save it in Desktop.

4.Mention the output PDF file name  or leave it as it is as shown below

5.Mention any PDF sizes ie..width .height etc as shown below

6.Then click Save PDF as shown below to save it

7..After converting JPEG to PDF  .it will show as

8.Thats it......Enjoy

Here i have converted only 1 JPEG file....u can add  any number of JPEG files and convert them to single PDF format

JPEG to PDF v3.7 download link 

link 1:   click Convert JPEG to PDF


link 2:  clickConvert JPEG to PDF

Thanks .......


  1. Hey! You really hit the nail hard. That information was simply out of the box. I want to share with you one more amazing way to convert JPG to PDF . I am going to bookmark your link as well for future. Thanks again !


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