Control mobile keypad with PC keyboard

Control mobile keypad with PC keyboard

We can control mobile keypad with windows keyboard.
It helps especially when mobile keypad  is not working

Steps to follow for Sony Ericsson mobiles and Andriod mobiles:

Myphone Explorer provides that feature for us
Download Software from  here

Install it

 Then  press F1 or goto file and click connect

Press next 
Download Opera mini for 128x128 for Nokia Sony Ericsson LG Samsung JAR VERSION
It will syncronise updates and data from your phone
Select your phone type .Sony Ericsson or Android device

        Give name to your phone in our computer

It is ready now.....we can see all contacts and other data now....We can call from pC,send message from PC etc

Next go to  Extras as shown in pic

Then select Phone Keypad or press SHIFT+F6

Then a screen appears as below

 We can see that both show the same

i clicked L button in screen .a screen appears in my mobile showing my gallery  ,we can observe on both sides we have pic showing Photos 845

 It can control all buttons like any mobile keypad does


Unfortunatley this feature works for only Andriod and Sony Ericsson Mobile only..

If you want to type from keyboard to get text in mobile check out this link

If  ypu want to send and recieve sms  in Pc.Check out this link

Thats it thank u ....


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