compress 1 GB to 10 mb

Compress 1 GB to 10 MB :

Yes we can compress 1gb data to nearly 10 to 20 mb....
This feature gives us easy uploading and downloading within no time........
KGB Archiver is the only tool which i think enables us to compress 1 gb to 10 mb .

KGB Archiver is one of the most efficient compression programs on the market to compress large files to small files

Another feature is it is given as freeware (GPL\FREE)

The KGB compressor makes  7z and RAR  cry by managing a  super compression that is really high

KGB compressor  compressor  compresses already compressed formats  like JPEG and  DivX files.

It fades out all other compressor formats like .rar, zip, .7z.......


:> The main disadvantage is it takes hours to compress  1gb to 10 mb and decompress 10 gb to 1gb after downloading
--> Download KGB COMPRESSOR from  here
check out this link for compressing jpeg  images to extremely small size and high clarity pictures

Thats it thank you..........


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