Compress JPEG JPG PICTURES PHOTOS With PhotoResize400

 How to Compress JPEG JPG PICTURES PHOTOS WITH PhotoResize400

The best image quality at a given bit-rate (or compression rate) is the main goal of image compression.

1.we all want to do it .but most of the time we give up because the compression rate isn't good enough 

2.Or we give up because pic clarity isn't good enough

today i am going to show u best trick to compress pics up to 90%


1:Download this software by clicking  JPEG photo compressor free

2:Extract the software to your desktop.


3:Select your on it

3: Drag on pic to it..

 4:A screen appears like this

5: finally pic is compressed and saved in desktop itself

 well u may not get extra benefit if u use small size pics
but if u use high resolution pics with more than 1mb it will compress to nearly 100 kb

Here is the proof

this is the original pic is the compressed u can see that original clarity is maintained

here size is reduced  to 86kb from 707 kb....

PhotoResize400 JPEG photo compressor bulk compressor download

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